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Welcome to my Among Us Kill Animation Memes
/ by TBC Gaming
This is a little compilation of the new game Among Us and their kill animations. Some people did memes out of it and I compiled it into one video.
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Damn Seconds, sdbl, RandomPolishGuy, Weirdotic, Meystic, FatPotato, Tobbby, JzBoy, SuperWiiBros08, Sylverstar, x_Blue Productions_x, Cantoons, MashProTato, mothe the mothe, Tolnimation, sugarsweetlemon, Crowne Prince, KFJ_TH, NCHProductions, Thatonefigoh, Landonardo Animations, Meystic, 홍야타 HongYatta, Quantom ivy, Pure Guano, Serkoid, RealKeV3n, KanonTheHedgehog, Darren Zcon Animations, Roggepoch, The DExus Show, TheScribblingShadow, Elgin Gaming, RL Anims, Guna Raditya

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Among Us is a muder mystery based game. In every round there is at least 1 Impostor (upto 3), who tries to kill the 9 (or 8 or 7) Crewmates. If the Impostor is able to kill every Crewmate or if he sabotages o2 and the reactor (and nobody repairs it in the given time limit), the Impostor wins. The goal as a Crewmate is to find out who the Impostor is and to get him voted out after a dead body got reported. The person who gets the most votes will be eliminated.

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