It's been quite the journey, but WandaVision has reached its final episode. What began as a love letter to classic TV slowly transformed into a tale of confusion, betrayal, grief and more. Here's how WandaVision wrapped up its small-screen tenure, and what the finale means for the MCU's future.

After holding Wanda's twin sons hostage and forcing her to relive her past trauma, Agatha continues her pursuit of Wanda's power. As noted in last week’s episode, Wanda is apparently the legendary Scarlet Witch -- a being capable of unmatched creation and destruction -- so naturally, Agatha is prepared to go to great lengths to take Wanda's Chaos Magic for herself.

The two battle in the series finale, using their abilities against one another, but Wanda is effectively powerless. Every time she tries to fight back against Agatha, the ancient witch absorbs the energy for herself.

This leads Wanda to get crafty -- witchcrafty, if you will -- sneaking up from behind and using the mind-control trick she used back in her first appearance in 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron. Her illusion sends Agatha back to the day she killed off her witch coven, though the seasoned magic-user quickly turns the spell around on her.

In response, Wanda breaks it and takes the fight to Agatha directly, before seemingly giving up and handing over her Chaos Magic willingly. Her body turns dark and withered and Agatha gains the strength she desires, but Wanda has one more trick up her sleeve.

Wanda reveals that she placed runes on the interior walls of the Hex, and regains the lifeforce it seemed Agatha had drained from her. Just as Agatha taught her, only the witch who cast them can use their magic in a confined space. This gives her the chance to reabsorb her power and take the form of the Scarlet Witch, overpowering her enemy.

Defeated and desperate, Agatha pleads with Wanda to no avail, forced to live out her days in her chatty alter-ego, Agnes. It's rare for villains to outlive their introduction in the MCU, so it's pretty much a given that Agatha will return somewhere down the line. In fact, it seems almost like a guarantee.

The only question left now is just how soon we'll see her again - in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? Or somewhere further down the line?

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