Rich vs poor! Everlasting class struggle… Ever wondered what it’s like to be a broke student? Or maybe you’ve never tasted the life of the wealthy? Watch these funny girl situations and compare the differences between rich and poor life! Which life would you like? Stay tuned for these awkward, relatable moments and for more crazy challenges by subscribing to Kaboom Zoom!
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00:00 Intro
00:12 Receiving Gifts
01:06 Waking Up
02:07 Broken Phone
02:59 Morning Beauty Routine
03:49 Coffee Shop
04:32 Traveling
05:17 Broken Cup
06:12 Lunch At School
06:58 Clothes Selection
07:58 Skin Care
08:44 Jewelry
09:24 Bloopers
#RichVsPoor #Challenge #GirlySituations
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