Do you need to learn how to sneak?! No time for rest as we dive into more clever DIY ideas on how to sneak snacks into the gym! Picnic in the gym? Yes please! Dumbbells filled with M&Ms? That’s our kind of weight lifting! Stay tuned for more funny situations, snack sneaking ideas, and food pranks by Kaboom Zoom!
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00:00 Handles As Sausages
00:58 Chocolate Tattoos
02:12 Fitness Mat With Food
03:04 Chocolate Abs
04:03 Edible Speed Stick
05:35 Candies in Weights
06:26 Two Pair Of Shorts
07:52 Pizza Weights
08:24 Leg Weights
09:46 Sweet Weights Powder
11:05 Skittles Under Headband
12:19 Candies In Boxing Pear
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